Ennis Cave Photo Trip on March 9, 2009
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Ennis Cave Trip Report








During the week from March 19 - 25 nine Kansas City Area Grotto, KCAG, members met at Ennis Cave in Arkansas .  We were there on the invitation of Randy Rose, the owner, to work on two projects.  Randy came from California to work on the construction of a third shelter house and to guide us to spots where he needed photos for a book he is writing on Ennis.  The stay for the Kansas City crew ranged from a few days to the full week.  The KCAG participants were Rick Hines, Jim Cooley, Shelly Field, Mark Lankford, Jonathan Lowrey, David Mead, John McGuire, Mike Smoker, and Pic Walenta.






Randy led two 6 or 7 hour photo trips.  We made another 6 hour trip to Taj Mel Hall and several shorter trips to log about 25 hours of photo work for the week. 







We visited and photographed, the Birthday Room, the 40’ Waterfall, the 55’ Waterfall, the 100’ Waterfall, Column Hall, TimBuckTwo, Pinocchio’s Room, P2, Taj Mel Hall, the Wave, the Womb Room, the Camp Room, Crystal’s Room , and the Rose Rotundra.   We took about 350 photos that quickly got thinned down to about hundred for Randy to pick from for his book.  I’ll estimate that we got about a third of the shots Randy wants so it looks like well need another couple trips at least.  Let me know if you would like to help on a future photo shoot.








We used a Nikon D700 with interchangeable lens and carried as many as 16 Vivitar 285 slave flash units.  The slaves were triggered with an infrared flash on the D700.  The 100’ Waterfall Room and a few other areas required multiple shots to cover the area of interest.  Five or six photos were merged together to form the image of the ceiling to floor shots of the formations in the 100’ Waterfall Room (see attached photo). 





A five minute video slideshow is available on YouTube at









Rick Hines

Below are some thumbnails from this photo trip taken by Rick Hines.


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